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1Who are we?
Smith`s Chimney Sweeping is a small family run business located in Adlington near Chorley, Lancashire.

Formed by me Andy Smith. Lancashire born and bred with extensive experience of both open fires and wood burning/ multi-fuel stoves.
2We're fully trained
I qualified as a Chimney Sweep through the excellent training of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) at it`s national training centre at Stone in Staffordshire.

Completed a thorough assessment by one of the countries leading Chimney Sweeps who is based in Manchester and leads the way in the training of Sweeps in the North of England.
3Our accreditation's
Our registration with NACS offers our valued customers piece of mind in knowing that in order to maintain membership we must be fully trained, fully insured and up to date with the latest developments regarding national and local regulations concerning all kinds of solid fuel appliances.

Chimney sweeping services

1Our Clients
We provide a chimney sweeping service to anyone who uses a solid fuel burning appliance including open fires, Jetmasters, woodburning stoves, multi-fuel stoves and solid fuel Rayburns and Agas.

We are fully equipped with all the latest equipment which allows us to ensure that your chimney/ flue is cleaned of all deposits or debris with could block the escape of all the gases of combustion causing a risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Deposits of soot or tar are also highly flammable and pose a serious risk of chimney fires which, in turn could lead to devastating house fires.
2Methods we use
We use both traditional (rod and brush) methods and modern Rotary Power Sweeping methods to achieve the perfect clean.

All deposits removed are safely isolated by our top of the range industrial vacuum cleaners which can cope with any type of deposit and seal it in industry standard bags.
3We're really tidy
In addition, our specially designed sweep through sheets ensure that no soot or dust is able to escape.

We understand that our customers greatest concern is to avoid any mess so we take the utmost care to always use clean sheets in every house and take away all removed deposits in sealed bags/ containers.
4Supply & fitting
If you have a stove then you will be aware that sometimes the rope seals or firebricks become worn or broken. Smith`s Chimney Sweeping can replace most types of rope seals and firebricks.

If your type is not carried on the van then we can usually source them from our trade suppliers. In fact it`s one of our services to check that your seals and bricks are to the required standard.

We also supply & fit:

Carbon Monoxide Alarms, New fire rope seals and gaskets, New fire bricks(some stoves need specially made and shaped bricks), Other consumables such as baffle plates, Stove thermometers, Chimney pots and cowls.
5Deposit Removal & smoke evacuation check
Of course our most important service is to ensure that your fire/ stove and chimney are safe to use.

Removing all the harmful deposits is only part of the process as it is also vital to ensure the integrity of your chimney/ flue. Some older chimneys become worn and may fail allowing smoke/ gases into neighbouring flues or even your house.

It is important to remember that Steel Liners can also fail with time so these need to be checked regularly. If we consider it necessary we may advise a camera inspection.

This is done with the use of special cameras fitted to rods and is an excellent method of finding faults or damage inside the flue. In addition all our sweeps are followed by a smoke evacuation check.

Why choose us?


1How often do I need to have my chimney swept?
If you burn seasoned/ kiln dried wood or smokeless fuel then the advice is to have your chimney/ flue swept at least once a year with the best time being just after you finish burning in the spring.

If you burn house coal then it is advised you have it swept twice a year i.e. half way through the burning season and at the end.
2Will it be a messy/ dirty process?
We make every effort to ensure that none of the chimney/ flue deposits enter your room. We do this in several ways: Firstly, we use specially designed protective sheets which seal off your open fire place or stove.

These sheets have small access ports which we sweep through and almost all of the deposits stay behind this sheet. Secondly, we use industrial grade vacuums which also fit through the sheets and remove most of the deposits as they fall. We routinely use floor sheets and runners to protect your carpets and we ensure that clean sheets are used for every property we visit.
1Why is my fire / stove smoking back into the room when I try to light it?
This can be a real danger as if smoke is not being evacuated through the chimney and out of the house then harmful gases such as the deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) could be leaking into the room.

Causes of this are: blockage in the flue such as a birds nest, build up of tar, loose bricks or mortar or simply too much soot build up. If you have a stove then deposits can build up on top of the baffle/throat plate. Its definatly time to call in a professional sweep!

Deposits of soot or tar are also highly flammable and pose a serious risk of chimney fires which, in turn could lead to devastating house fires.
2I have just moved into my new house and we have a stove already installed. Is it safe to use?
It is important to ensure your stove/ fire is safe to use before lighting up. Some stoves were fitted by unqualified people who are not HETAS registered so the quality of the installation may not be up to required standards.

Some appliances may also have been DIY installs and we would advise you call in a registered Chimney Sweep to ensure it`s safe to use. We can smoke test your appliance and use our CCTV inspection camaras to ensure flue integrity and we can use our extensive knowledge of building regulations to advise you on the best course of action if there is a problem with your appliance.


  • Would highly recommend Smiths Chimney Sweeping. Excellent service, very clean and efficient.
  • Steven Hough
    Great job. very prompt, clean n tidy, Great value for money, very friendly. Thanks Andy.
    Steven Hough
    Horwich, Bolton
  • Phil McGuigan
    Prompt, clean and inexpensive service from an old fashioned chimney sweep. Andy is obviously enthusiastic about his profession and keeps the customer well informed as regards any issues or problems that may come to light. Recommended.
    Phil McGuigan
  • Annette Colligan
    Fantastic job done would recommend Andy to anyone. Thanks for the great service!
    Annette Colligan
  • Andy Kay
    Can really recommend Andy at smiths. Punctual and a fantastic clean and very tidy job, which was very well done. Highly recommended!
    Andy Kay
    Bromley Cross, Bolton
  • Amanda Charles

    Excellent job! Very friendly, reliable service. Definitely recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you!

    Amanda Charles
    Horwich, Bolton

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*Please note additional fees may apply if a birds nest is found upon inspection. See our FAQ.


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