New Rope Seals for Stoves

We stock most sizes and types of fire rope which, for a small charge, we can fit for you. Some stoves require unusual diameters and types of fire rope but if you can supply us with the make and model of your stove in advance we can generally order in advance and fit them when we visit to sweep and service your appliance.


New Firebricks

Firebricks are essential to protect your stoves body castings and are, like fire rope seals, considered stove “consumables”. This means that eventually all firebricks will crack and begin to crumble away.

Some stoves are fitted with unusually shaped firebricks which must be cut to exact sizes. Generally, we find it`s better to pre order these from the stove manufacturers or our suppliers (if stocked). However, many stoves use square or rectangular bricks which we can usually cut, supply and fit when we visit your home.



If you think your stoves fire bricks are damaged and need replacing please discuss this with us whilst booking your annual chimney sweep!

Heat Proof Stove Glass

If your stoves glass become broken or cracked then it essential you have it replaced before use. Glass can also become “glazed” or opaque from impurities in your fuel. Some stoves are more prone to this issue than others. How you use your stove and its airwash system can have an effect on your stoves glass. It is very common and it`s not as expensive as you may think to replace stove glass.

If you want us to replace the glass for you then please discuss this whilst making your booking. You will need to know the exact make and model of your stove and remember that some stoves have several versions of the same model such as double door or “slimline” versions.

It is likely that the seal or gasket below the glass will also need replacing and over time the clips and screws which hold the glass in can become worn or corroded by the extreme heat within your stove. These, we can also replace for you if required.



We can supply the following stove accessories at competitive prices!

Stove Thermometers are now recommended by most stove manufacturers. These are magnetic and designed to be fitted to the vitreous enamel pipe above your stove. They help you to maintain the optimum burning temperature of your stove, thus ensuring all exhaust gases are hot enough to exit the flue correctly. This will protect the integrity of your flue by ensuring creosote build up is prevented and ensure less harmful particulates are released into the environment.

Wood Moisture Meters are recommended so that you can ensure all wood you burn is at, or below, the recommended moisture content. Once again, burning the correct fuels at the correct temperatures will protect your  chimney liner and the environment! DEFRA recommends that you attain a moisture content of below 20% . Moisture meters are easy to use and tell you exactly when your logs are ready and safe to burn.

Our current prices are:

Magnetic Stove Thermometer £10 (fitted)

Wood Moisture Meter £15